Every result will appear in the new frame, so you can collect them and compare
In the last line of each result you can see, how many entries you have found

  • Use regular expressions for search

  • ^ Match the beginning of the line
    . Match any character (except newline)
    $ Match the end of the line (or before newline at the end)
    | Alternation
    ( ) Grouping
    [ ] Character class

  • Use option -e to evaluate search

  • $a - 1st. letter
    $b - 2st. letter
    $c - 3st. letter

    "-e $a eq $b" shell find every entry where the 1. and 2. letters are equal
    "-e $a eq $b || $b eq $c || $a eq $c" shell find every entry where any two letters are equal
    "-e $c eq ''" shell find only words with less then 3 letters (2-letter שרשים)
    operators: eq-equal, lt-less, gt-greater, le-less or equal, ge-great or equal, ne-not equal
    ||-logical or, &&-logical and.
    You can group them with () like this: (($a eq $b) && ($b ne $c)) || (($a eq $c) && ($a ne $b))